Ordkriget fortsätter – Panamerika vägrar delning

Foto: Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, ABMprojekt http://www.abmprojekt.com.pl/fotografia_sport.html
Foto: Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, ABMprojekt http://www.abmprojekt.com.pl/fotografia_sport.html

Nu har styrelsen för det Panamerikanska handbollsförbundet deklarerat att de vägrar en delning av Panamerika.


Tennismatchen fortsätter. Efter att IHF förra veckan meddelade att de tar ansvar för de panamerikanska mästerskapen framöver svarar idag PATHF. I en deklaration signerad hela styrelsen skriver de:

In the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 10 February 2018, the undersigning members of the Pan-American Team Handball Federation Council unanimously state and decide:

  1. To reject the IHF Council decision to suspend and divide the PATHF. As we have stated several times, that decision did not follow proper procedure, both from a statutory and a due defense standpoints, from which our Federation was deprived.
  2. To ratify all the acts of Mr. President of the Federation, Mr. Mario Moccia, from the Extraordinary Congress in Bogota to date, to defend the rights of this Federation and its members in the conflict currently experienced with the International Handball Federation, which irregularly intends to suspend and divide it.
  3. To double our efforts and to reaffirm that the PATHF will continue defending its rights to remain united. This Federation will follow all the political and legal steps to preserve the structure that its Members legitimately decided to keep.
  4. To reaffirm that the PATHF is an entity legally independent from the IHF (and any other entity). We will fight for the respect of our administrative independence. The IHF has no rights over our administrative or financial decisions, which have always had the sport as its ultimate beneficiary.
  5. To state that, in spite of completely rejecting the suspension, we will accept exclusively its sports aspect to protect the qualifications of our Affiliate Members and athletes.

We will not allow for others to decide in our stead and we will defend handball in all our continent. Pan-America united, Always.

Nu lär det alltså vänta en juridisk process men frågan är hur det slutar. IHF har stängt av och upplöst det Panamerikanska handbollsförbundet, sett ur sin synvinkel.


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