IHF försäkrar: Inga mästerskap ställs in

Foto: Angela Grewe, @angieee11

Konflikten mellan IHF och det Panamerikanska handbollsförbundet riskerade att kontinentala mästerskap kunde riskera att ställas in. Nu meddelar IHF att det inte ska vara någon fara.


Det är som en tennismatch i tie-break, konflikten mellan IHF och PATHF (det panamerikanska handbollsförbundet). Bollen studsar fram-och-tillbaka och båda parter försöker vinna sympatier hos oss åskådare.

Senaste smashen kommer från IHF som igår skickade ut ett pressmeddelande om att kommande mästerskap kopplat till den panamerikanska kontinenten inte är i fara. IHF ska stötta på alla möjliga sätt för att få det att fungera. De passar också på att, inte så subtilt, kritisera PATHF.

Här är pressmeddelandet som också nås via följande länk.

”The IHF underlines again that the decision of the IHF Council to divide the Pan American continent and suspend the PATHF shall not have any negative influence on already awarded events, qualification pathways and related organisational matters. In addition, the IHF Council decision to divide the Pan American continent is not against any person or entity, as the key intention of the IHF is to develop handball throughout the Pan American continent and preserve the position of handball at the Olympic Games.

After the IHF Council decision, the IHF acknowledged the awarding of events done by PATHF prior to the IHF Council decision, which includes the organisation of the 2018 qualification events for the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship in Hungary, the IHF Women’s Youth World Championship in Poland, the Men’s and Women’s Beach Handball World Championships in Russia and the 2019 Men’s World Championship hosted by Denmark and Germany. Consequently, the IHF acknowledged existing agreements between members and PATHF or third parties in order to guarantee a smooth transition period, ensuring that the sport itself remains in the focus and is developed and promoted accordingly.

The IHF respected these decisions taken by the PATHF prior to the IHF Council decision, nothing was changed on the part of the IHF. The IHF did not put any financial burden on the organisers or even touch the applied budgets for the events (if there was any budget done at all). PATHF awarded the organisation of the events, while IHF had no overview or control or even a copy of any communication related to the bidding process, nor the risk assessment made by PATHF. In fact, the PATHF awarded all 2018 qualifications events without having a concrete organisational concept and defined budget.

Prior to the awarding of the qualification events by PATHF no promises were made on the part of the IHF towards the hosting federations regarding the support but, of course, the International Handball Federation and IHF President Dr Moustafa want to support staging the events by providing input interms of know-how, experience and a reasonable financial contribution, which does not mean financing the entire event. Some of the hosts awarded by PATHF are facing many problems and financial difficulties, due to the fact that no clear concept was drawn up by PATHF and some of the promises were not realistic, for example the TV rights income promised to Greenland for hosting the qualification event for the 2019 Men’s World Championship, taking into consideration that PATHF never generated any TV rights income for their events. The IHF has never supported the qualification championships organised by the continents, as the IHF assigned the TV and marketing rights of the qualifications to the continents which usually bring a huge income to the continents (the IHF has good examples in Europe, Africa and Asia, as they funded their championships through such resources). Currently, the IHF is in close contact with the hosts of the championships that were awarded by PATHF in order to realise the events in the best conditions possible for all parties involved.”



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