Match-fixing, part 4: A giant scandal – Handbollskanalen dives deep

Match-fixing is a growing problem in sports and handball is no exception. Handbollskanalen has evidence of several matches that have been fixed in Europe and now we are publishing a new series of articles on the subject.

Football has big problems with match-fixing, so does tennis, but handball has not been spared. Handbollskanalen has proof that match-fixing is also going on in ”our” sport and in this series of articles, we will take a look, step by step, at what is really going on.

We have been working on this for several months. Our motive? To examine what is happening illegally, but also shed light on what does not work in the various monitoring systems. Our hope is that in the long run, we can strengthen and develop handball by combing through what does not work, a job we are now trying to help with.

We have already written three articles on the subject. In the first two, we revealed, with the help of sources, that a number of matches have been fixed in the Champions League and European League this season. The information has been confirmed by a person who is a verified expert in this field.

In the coming articles, we will speak to Sportradar, a global leader in collecting, providing and analysing match data from sporting events, where one branch of the company is committed to working preventively against match-fixing.

You can also expect articles in which we speak to the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Swedish Handball Association, as well as answers to the questionnaire we sent out to all players and coaches in the men’s and women’s top league in Sweden.

If you know anything more about match-fixing, you are welcome to contact us by email at or You may, of course, remain anonymous and you and your information are covered by source protection. You can also use our contact form if you do not wish to send an email.

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