Celje ber offentligt om ursäkt efter rasistattacken

Dika Mem. Foto (arkiv): Angela Grewe

Det var i lördags under matchen mellan Barcelona och Celje i Barcelona som bortalagets supportrar skämde ut sig. Med stort underläge i matchen började bortapubliken göra apljud mot Barcelonas franska stjärna Dika Mem. Nu går laget och supporterklubben ut med en offentlig ursäkt.

Barcelona körde över Celje i Champions Leauge i lördags när katalanerna vann med hela 45-21. Men den stora nyheten, tyvärr, skedde i andra halvlek då några av bortasupportrarna började ropa apljud åt niometersstjärnan Dika Mem.

22-årige Mem höll sig cool, gjorde fyra mål i matchen och postade efteråt en video på Instagram med texten ”WIN” och tre ap-emojis. Efter matchen bad även Celjes spelare och ledare fransmannen om ursäkt. Och nu kommer klubben med en offentlig ursäkt på sin hemsida.

”Dear all,

Our club has personally and later in written form apologized to Barҫa and Dika Mem for the extremely inappropriate behavior of individuals in our fan group at Saturday’s game in Barcelona, which should not, however, ruin the reputation of the group which we met immediately. Any kind of discrimination is something we strongly condemn at our club. Our club advocates inclusion and integration in its values and directs all its efforts to prevent any exclusion. It actively brings a culture of acceptance every day and sends a strong anti-discrimination signal to the public because of the club’s clear position on the issue.

With respect!”

Även fangruppen Florijani tar bladet från munnen och fördömer beteendet från ”några nya medlemmar” som hade rest till Barcelona.


Fan group Florijani is well known across of Europe for our extremely sporty behavior and is known and accepted everywhere as such. Recently we have celebrated 25 years of our operations where we have not recorded any incident in Slovenia or abroad, and also because of that in 2004 we received a special national fair play award. We condemn the actions of individuals who should not in any way characterize the entire fan group. On Saturday, some new members of the group were also with us, so we immediately agreed with the club management to remind them once again of the way of cheering in our group, which will strengthen the reputation of the club and our group, and not the opposite. Due to the actions of the individuals that happened on Saturday, we apologize to FC Barcelona and player Dika Mem and assure you that we will do our best not to repeat such an event.

With respect!”