Öppet brev från det ryska förbundet med kritik mot IHF

Sergei Shishkarev

Det ryska handbollsförbundet har skrivit ett öppet brev med kritik mot IHF efter kongressen i Turkiet.

Handball-Planet.com publicerar ett statement från det ryska handbollsförbundet. Där finns hård kritik mot IHF, med bland annat:

”Russia nominated one candidate for the Executive Committee member – the president of the Federation, Sergei Shishkarev. As a result of the first day of the Congress, it became clear that the candidate from Russia would not be allowed to vote, despite the timely filing of documents and the vast experience of the candidate in sports management.

“Absolutely all norms of the international electoral and sports legislation are violated under the far-fetched pretext – allegedly lack of experience in sports management, including handball, and I was not allowed to participate in elections,” said Shishkarev.

It is known that Mr. Shishkarev has been successfully engaged in sports management for more than 20 years. Since 2015, he heads the Handball Federation of Russia, is the founder of the School of Brazilian Football, previously was the president of the football clubs Chernomorets, Nara-SHBFR, Olimpia-Gelendzhik. In addition, for a long time was a member of the Russian Football Union, where he headed the Committee for the development and promotion of football.”

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