Europeiska spelarunionen ber IHF att flytta OS-kvalet

Katarina Bulatovic. Foto: Daniel Stiller, Bildbyrån.

IHF tog häromdagen beslutet att OS-kvalet i mars och april ska spelas som planerat. Europeiska spelarunionen (EHPU) har på sin Facebook gått ut med ett uttalande där de ber IHF att flytta matcherna.

EHPU representerar professionella handbollsspelare i Europa och de har nu kommit med ett uttalande på sin Facebook apropå coronaviruset samt IHF:s beslut att OS-kvalet ska spelas som planerat.

Så här skriver EHPU:

The European Handball Players’ Union (EHPU), the representative body for professionel handball players in Europe, is of course also following the situation closely with the development and spread of the COVID-19 (Corona-virus). For the time being, it is the opinion of the members of EHPU, that the International Handball Federation – IHF must take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of players and everyone who works within the game, remains the priority. Due to this unprecedented and very fast-moving situation, the members of EHPU unanimously ask the IHF to delay the scheduled games for the Olympic Games qualification.

EHPU finds the situation concerning, as nothing is more important than the safety and the health of the players, coaches, staff, but also the general society as a whole. Furthermore, the lack of respect for the situation by the IHF puts the players in conflict between their clubs and the national teams, which is not fair. EHPU calls on the relevant authorities to protect players through harmonized decisions. UEFA has already displayed such precaution by suspending the Champions League and Euro League for the current time.

On behalf of the players in Europe, EHPU strongly advocates for a stronger coordination and reminds that EHPU is available and willing to participate to the discussions, to share inputs from the players’ side, in order to find the best solutions to handball and the best interests’ of the players.