EHF beslutar: Ryssland och Belarus stängs av

Det europeiska handbollförbundet har släppt ett pressmeddelande efter att den exekutiva kommittén fattat ett antal beslut under måndagskvällen.

Följande har meddelats från EHF efter att högsta ledningen haft ett extrainsatt möte under måndagskvällen:

”The EXEC’s 13 members discussed the inputs received from National Federations as well as from the International Olympic Committee and the European Team Sports Association in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The following decisions were taken

  1. With immediate effect, the national teams of Russia and Belarus as well as Russian and Belarusian clubs competing in European handball competitions are suspended. This holds true until further notice and relates to all current competitions on the club and national team level.
  2. Referees and officials from Russia and Belarus will not be nominated for future matches until further notice. Lecturers and commission members from Russia and Belarus will not be called upon for future meetings and activities.
  3. New organisers will be sought for the YAC 16 EHF Beach Handball EURO and the Qualifier Tournaments for the Beach Handball EURO 2023. Both events were scheduled to be held in Moscow in July 2022.

These measures had to be introduced with immediate effect as the war in Ukraine continues to rage, jeopardising the EHF’s principles of cooperation on European Level and the spirit of fairness.

The European Handball Federation regrets the consequences for individuals, clubs and national teams and hopes that a return of peace will allow for renewed considerations.

Within the next days, a restructuring of the various competitions on the club and national team level will take place following sports principles and existing regulations.”