IHF släpper inte makten – trots beslutet från CAS

Foto: Bildbyrån

Dagen efter skiljedomstolens beslut publicerar nu IHF ett uttalande i frågan om att dela det panamerikanska handbollsförbundet i två.


Det har varit en turbulent morgon på högsta nivå inom handbollen. Idrottens skiljedomstol (CAS) gav det panamerikanska handbollsförbundet rätt i sin överklagan mot IHF:s beslut att dela förbundet i två delar. Det hela har enligt PATHF och CAS inte genomförts enligt konstens alla regler.

IHF viker sig dock inte efter det beskedet. Ett officiellt uttalande har nu publicerats på ihf.info:

”The International Handball Federation, which is the governance body of handball, is maintaining its position to develop handball in the two continents of North America and the Caribbean Handball Confederation (NACHC) and South and Central America Handball Confederation (SCAHC). The project of a recognition of two separate Continental Confederations by the next IHF Congress remains absolutely in force and will be implemented forthwith in the best interest of handball worldwide.

According to Article 19.1.1 of the IHF Statutes, the IHF is the original owner of all the rights emanating from competitions (World Championships and Olympic Handball Tournaments including all relevant qualifications, etc.). Hence, the IHF is maintaining its position to organise future qualification championships in NACHC and SCAHC.

The Pan-American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) was suspended by the IHF Council in its meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on 14 January 2018 according to Article of the IHF Statutes. Consequently, the IHF Council, in its meeting of 14 January 2018, decided on the two working groups for NACHC as well as SCAHC, which are currently not only managing the continental affairs but also drafting the statutes and regulations (which shall include the World Championship qualification championships) for both NACHC and SCAHC. The IHF intends to continue the progress achieved in the two continents until now with the help of the National Federations of both continents. The planned handball development programme for the two continents will be maintained. The decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) shall be on the agenda of the next IHF Council meeting taking place in Doha, Qatar on 18 October 2018.”

Konflikten lever alltså vidare till minst slutet av oktober och än så länge ser vi ingen som backar undan. Det kan bli en match i 10 ronder det här.



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